Shekinah Prayer Mountain

On a worship night service of 3rd National Worship Training, I saw a clear trance vision before I preached the message. Though physically, I was in that service hall, spiritually I was in another place. In that vision, people from different places including international friends come and worship together in a big beautiful garden. Also, people enter into individual prayer room to seek and pray to God almighty. There are a group of people who non-stop praying wholeheartedly and worshiping in Spirit.

I saw some leaders for different departments, and prayer and worshiping God was 24 hour. When I opened my eyes, I was in night service hall. Then I heard a voice that said to build “a prayer mountain.” I spoke out that vision before the congregation. In fact, prayer mountain ministry was not in Shekinah Ministry and we never thought about it before. And I was not interested in building project for I was more on building people lives. I, however, made a commitment to do what God has shown me though I did not fully understand because I simply believed that He will be the one who will accomplish that vision for He initiated that calling in me.

That vision was seen in the month of May and in August, miraculously, God provided a place, many acres wide, to start this ministry. Within one year, we can see many unbelievable things though we do not have any permanent sponsors. Some partners from Shekinah Committee, who have the same burden and heart for this ministry, have been faithfully involved in this labour. Most importantly, God has been our ultimate provider!!

Purposes of Prayer Mountain are:

We have a desire that this place be

  • The place of God’s indwelling presence.
  • The place of praise and worship, 24 hour.
  • The fortress which is the place to pray for different nations.
  • The place where people from different denominations pray, and revive and refresh their souls.We do not know when will be our opening ceremony for this Prayer Mountain ministry, but we want to praise and thank God for His new works every day in every step. All Glory belong to Him…
Upcoming Building Projects:
  • To make road construction from main road to the mountain (about a mile)
  • To build three more individual prayer rooms
  • To build three buildings with bathrooms for people who fast and pray for forty days
  • To build main prayer hall which is (50×100) wide
  • To build two houses with separate rooms for people’s residence
  • To build entrance gate archway
  • To set a place for car parking
  • To decorate the whole mountain to be a flower garden
  • To build office room
  • To build a building for media ministry
  • To build buildings for people who serve in the garden
  • To buy a complete set of music instruments for prayer mountain

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